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HG Madsen

HG Madsen

Here you can buy art directly from the studio.

Please feel free to browse some of his earlier works on this website or visit us on the adress:
Peter Fabers Gade 11
2200 København N.

1992 - 1994


The face is the feature which best distinguishes a person. Specialised regions of the human brain, such as the fusiform face area (FFA), enable facial recognition; when these are damaged, it may be impossible to recognise faces even of intimate family members. The pattern of specific organs, such as the eyes, or of parts of them, is used in biometric identification to uniquely identify individuals.(Wikipedia)

1995 - 1997




The body as brush
The body leaves a print as a testemony of movement. The body's speed, preassure and physical contact with the canvas combined has lead to this study, where layers and areas of paint has been added, interpreting and honoring the first impression of the body imprint.

1997 - 2002


’No name’ is an exhibition, where the anonymous and ordinary of no particular consequence are in focus. No geniuses or individualists. Nobody famous. Simply people as they are most of the time.
We are the insignificant, the anonymous.
We are the ones lying alongside cramped on the packed beaches during summer break.
We are the ones running around like headless chicken to the rhythm of time.
We are the ones passing through unremarkable lives and deaths.

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